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Ready for the confidence, freedom, and technical skills to design your own marketing materials with ease and efficiency?

Finally, eye-catching graphics, stunning photography, and branded digital assets are at your fingertips. #PsBootcamp is a dive-head-first, waste-no-time weekend workshop where you’ll spend two whole days getting comfortable and cozy with Photoshop. Tech wiz status not required.

If you’re tired of…

  • wasting countless hours scouring youtube tutorials and googling Photoshop techniques
  • watching others post consistently beautiful, cohesive imagery while you’re stuck settling for sub-par visuals
  • paying a graphic designer every time you want to create basic designs or make a simple change to marketing materials
  • compromising quality and aesthetic because you lack the technical skills to bring your visions to life
  • losing clients to competitors
  • creative constraints
  • being overlooked for jobs , projects, and promotions
  • feeling stuck while your peers thrive

It’s time to ditch your frustration, stress, and overwhelm.

At #PsBootcamp, we’ll start with the very basics, progressively covering everything you need to know about Photoshop. Through step by step exercises relevant to your goals, Bria teaches everything from navigating the program and file types, to essential shortcuts and advanced editing techniques that help your creativity shine. (Bonding over keyboard shortcuts and “OMG this is SO much easier!” moments very much included.)

“I had so many ‘ah-ha’ moments. Everything I’ve ever wanted to do with Photoshop was actually much easier than I anticipated. I feel much more confident working with Photoshop – thank you!” – Kristen

By the end of the weekend, even those with no prior Photoshop experience will have the technical skills and confidence to:

  • create time-saving templates
  • prep images and create collages or mood boards
  • design and save visual/graphic elements for use on websites, blogs, or social media profiles
  • add type, special effects and graphics to their images
  • retouch skin, backgrounds, and edit photos
  • animate gifs
  • use keyboard shortcuts
  • understand essential design, photography, and typography principles
  • add “proficient in Adobe Photoshop” to a resume

At the start of the workshop, you’ll also receive a pretty little workbook full of notes, tips, and project guides to help you along the way. (We just know it’ll become your new best friend once the weekend is over!) And, as if PsBootcamp could get any better, you’ll graduate the class with a brand new headshot – edited by you!

The time and cost are completely worth the amount of useable information you come out with after the weekend. Each lesson is something (or more!) that you were hoping to learn, and the take home booklet makes sure you won’t forget the details. – Megan

During the class there will be plenty of opportunity to get one-on-one support from Bria, and once the workshop is over, you’ll be admitted into the exclusive student forum — a special place where all you newly Photoshop-savvy babes can ask questions, share, and connect!

You are a photoshop genius! You were also such an amazing teacher – so patient and understanding, and answered the MILLION questions that we had. You broke it down, yet challenged us. You have true talent, and I thank you for sharing it with us! – Stefanie

The Deets

$499 EARLY BIRD RATE| valid until Sunday Nov 6th. After Nov 6th, ticket price is $599. *Registration closes Sunday, November 13th – Seats are limited!*
DATE & TIME| Saturday & Sunday, November 19th & 20th (10am-5:00pm)
225 West 8th Ave, Suite 300, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1N3 (Suite Genius)
CLASS SIZE| 18 people
12-14 hrs class time, catered lunch from Boy With a Knife both days, cheat sheets & digital lesson materials (and more fun than you’ve ever had at school!)

“I basically had no idea how to use photoshop and the whole program gave me anxiety! Post-class I realize how much more I can do as a small business owner and blogger. #PsBootcamp has made me feel excited and even more driven in terms of pursuing my personal and business goals. I have already used my skills to make an e-campaign, site header, product images and a GIF!! Photoshop is going to allow me to take my business and blog to the next level. One of my biggest hurdles in signing up was anxiety and stress over taking a class. However, #PsBootcamp was just the right pace and broken down so perfectly that everyone was able to pick up the skills and tricks. I feel so much more confident, not just in my Photoshop skills but my level of work as well. ” –Tessa


We strive to make every workshop as inspiring & fun as possible for our discerning attendees. We love to showcase local talent through delicious lunches, photo-ready decor, or curated take-home goodies to make each workshop an unforgettable experience!

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With private training you’ll get customized, one-on-one tutoring and coaching with Digital Darlings’ founder and instructor, Bria. (Plus, license to pick her brain for some seriously motivational inspiration, insight and feedback!)

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Just like our workshop students, all private clients will gain access to our exclusive Digital Darlings forum — a special place where all you newly tech-savvy gals can ask questions, share, and connect.