Anxiety, Procrastination & Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

Anxiety, Procrastination, and Stepping Outside your Comfort Zone

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Have you ever had to learn something new? Something completely outside your comfort zone?? I spent Monday and Tuesday doing just that, and holy crap did it give me MAJOR anxiety. I’d been subconsciously (and not so subconsciously) stressing about it for weeks, and coming up with all kinds of excuses to postpone doing it: “I have to focus on X first”, “We should probably wait until I’ve got _______ started”, “I’m feeling really sick this week, let’s reschedule”.

Sound familiar?

So when I ran out of excuses and couldn’t delay any longer, I finally had to bite the bullet and do the damn thing.

(By the way, that thing was stepping in front of the camera to record videos for a project I’ve been working on that will give both me and YOU more freedom, but I’ll tell you about it another day.)

At first, it was super uncomfortable and awkward; my palms were sweating and every time I fumbled my words – basically twice a sentence – I’d drop an F bomb (sorry mom) or make a really unattractive face. Needless to say, we’ve got hours worth of bloopers.

But the more we practiced, the more comfortable and confident I became, and we were able to get exactly what we needed for the videos.

The kicker? I actually started to have FUN. Thanks to my super-patient videographer who encouraged and coached me, I forgot about the camera, forgot about being self-conscious, and forgot about feeling dumb. In the end, not only did we get the material we needed (in addition to some hilarious bloopers), my feelings about this once-terrifying task completely shifted. I’d actually LIKE to film more videos in the future!

The point is (and my loving reminder to you):
  • Learning a new skill as an adult can be really nerve-wracking, and that’s okay.
  • We build up false narratives in our heads – overthinking and procrastinating can quickly make something new feel way scarier than it really is
  • If you can side-step your fear and frustration, you’ll discover that what you feared in the first place isn’t all that bad, and likely, is actually quite fun
  • A patient, relatable, encouraging teacher makes ALL the difference between feeling like you suck at something and feeling excited about that same thing

We are all naturally gifted in certain areas, and what comes easily to one person won’t necessarily come easy to the next.

For example, while I get really EXCITED to learn and play with Photoshop, I realize that YOU might find it completely frustrating and even anxiety-inducing.


If that’s the case, I invite you to put those uncomfortable feelings to rest once and for all, by joining me at PsBootcamp.

Alongside a group of passionate, creative-minded women like you, I’ll lead you patiently through Photoshop with exercises that are relatable AND relevant. And, I guarantee you will have FUN.

Early bird registration (aka major savings) ends Monday April 18th, and there’s ONLY 4 SEATS LEFT! 
Get the details and reserve your spot here.

See you in class?


“Photoshop is going to allow me to take my business and blog to the next level. One of my biggest hurdles in signing up was anxiety and stress over taking a class. However, #PsBootcamp was just the right pace and broken down so perfectly that everyone was able to pick up the skills and tricks. I feel so much more confident, not just in my Photoshop skills but my level of work as well.”
Tessa // Blogger & Founder of Cake For Breakfast and MACCS

“Digital Darlings PsBootcamp has taken a huge weight (and a frequent stressor) off my shoulders; I just wish I did it sooner! The quality of my photos have increased drastically – so much so that many people have noticed a difference and have commented on the quality of my finished work.  I’ve been able to recreate all of the skills that I learned from Bria on my own and actually enjoy editing photos now; sometimes I look at the “before” and “after” versions of a photo and am shocked that I created it!” – Kendra

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  1. Maria M

    Awesome post Bria. I know dem feels – when you just don’t want to do something, but then you do it and realize you might have missed out on something so awesome. That happened to me with Political Science; I thought I hated it, and as it turns out, I love it!

    1. Author

      So true! It’s funny how shifting the application of “that thing” or coming at it with a new perspective can change how you feel about it!

  2. Karina

    This is so fitting. I am always pushing myself into new things and wondered why I would have this crushing, excuse making anxiety when I finally realized that it’s normal when you can’t see the other side of the mountain you’re climbing. Great post!

    1. Author

      YESS!!! It can be so terrifying not knowing what you’re about to face, and waiting and procrastinating gives you more time to stew and make up stories about how bad or hard or uncomfortable it will be. I think the more we take action quickly without letting our minds think too much about “what if” makes us so much more confident and comfortable with trying new things!

  3. Dennis Connelly

    Going outside your comfort zone is the best indicator of commitment to meeting your personal goals. For those of us who find ourselves coming up short when faced with something like what you experienced, reexamine what you are doing, why you are doing it, and how it fits with your goals. Discomfort comes with doing what it takes to succeed. Thanks for sharing your story.

    1. Author

      Exactly the approach we need to take Dennis. Thanks for reading and for your thoughtful comments. Often, things don’t stay uncomfortable for as long as we anticipate (or aren’t nearly as uncomfortable as we think they’ll be.)

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