Digital Darlings demystifies Photoshop through fiercely fun weekend workshops, mini group tutoring sessions (did somebody say Girl’s Night?), and customized one-on-one coaching.

Taught by Bria Lear, brand mentor and chieftess of Photoshop magic, you’ll get a backstage pass to the world of design as it applies to blogging, marketing, and branding. Maybe you‘ve taught yourself some basics, but know there must be a simpler, faster way to get the same results. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to learn, but don’t know where to start. Maybe you’ve wasted hours searching Google for tutorials, instead of spending time with your other half. And maybe you’ve avoided it altogether, because it’s just too daunting to navigate on your own.

Digital Darlings’ dive-right-in approach ensures you won’t waste any more time feeling stuck and frustrated. With tried and true tips, tricks, and time-saving practices, Bria teaches the basics from scratch in a language YOU can understand. Through step by step exercises relevant to your goals, and advanced techniques to make your personality shine, you’ll become comfortable and confident with the top design program you NEED to know. (Bonding over keyboard shortcuts and “OMG this is SO much easier!” moments very much included.)

Darling, what are you waiting for? Let’s stop dreaming and start DOING.




Bria began her career in Fashion Design, but quickly carved a more entrepreneurial path. A design chameleon, her varied experience includes creating and running Framework, a digital lifestyle magazine for women, designing client brands and websites, and crafting social media campaigns. Now, Bria combines her branding, marketing, and design expertise with a talent for teaching through Digital Darlings Creative. Bria’s practical, hands-on, and (most importantly) FUN approach to learning Photoshop strips away the excess and focuses on the skills you’ll actually use to bring your vision to life. Within her classes, on her blog, and everywhere else you might find her, Bria distills concepts with relatable language and examples, teaches technical skills through fun, relevant exercises, and offers practical inspiration that shifts mindsets.


A self-proclaimed perfectionist, I understand how frustrating it is not knowing how to execute that beautiful vision in your mind. I’m here to help. Sure, you could hire someone to do it for you… but the satisfaction of creating it yourself is unparalleled. That’s why Digital Darlings exists.  Always passionate about design and aesthetics, I have a degree in Fashion Design & Technology, and worked as an assistant designer before diving off the deep end into entrepreneurship with Framework MagazineI most love teaching creatives & entrepreneurs how to clarify and communicate their value so they can earn more money, feel more satisfied, and find more fulfillment in their work and life.

Beyond totally geeking out creating pretty images, I often wish I could apply Adobe’s keyboard shortcuts to real life. When I’m not creating, writing, teaching, or mentoring, you’ll most likely find me experimenting with new recipes, daydreaming about sand, surf, and sun, or having an impromptu dance party in my living room. Come join me on Instagram (@digidarlings) where all the real & raw talk happens.