You want to beautify your blog with eye-catching graphics and stunning photos. You want to land your dream job, impress your boss, and wow your clients. You want to turn your passions into a meaningful business and build a recognizable brand. You want to express yourself through visual design with style, authenticity, and confidence. Intelligent, butt-kicking babe that you are, you want to do it on your own.

There’s just one BIG thing… Now you need the technical design skills to bring it to life.

In our digital world, having working knowledge of Photoshop is no longer an asset. It’s a requirement. But we know that it’s easier said than done.

This is precisely why Digital Darlings exists — to teach busy, professional, passionate women like you how to use Photoshop to confidently and efficiently execute your aesthetic visions. Tech whiz status not required. With Digital Darlings you’ll get the tools you need to advance and enhance your career or creative pursuits, all while making connections and networking with likeminded ladies.



 ✔️New daily ritual: #morningpages  [WHAT IS IT?] Handwriting 3 pages of anything and everything each morning. Essentially a brain dump. Done in a basic (aka non-beautiful) notebook or loose sheets of paper. Instrumental music while writing is also  [WHY?] Morning pages are a brilliant way to clear your mind of chatter/negative self-talk/noise etc so you can open yourself to receive more clarity and creativity. A cleanse for your mind. Especially good for clearing creative blocks, getting out of your spinning head, and establishing a creative habit so you're relying less on fleeting bursts of inspiration. [MY EXPERIENCE] in the 2 days I've been trying morning pages, I'm totally blown away by the results. Not only has it been meditative and calming, it's also prompted the flow of SO much content I've been stuck on for the past week or two. This is DEFINITELY a ritual I'm committing to. So grateful to my lovely friend @taiha.lee who suggested this practice. ▪️ what do you guys think? Tell me in the comments! Have you tried morning pages? Did you like it? Will you try it this week? What's your biggest creative block these days?
 Bought a pineapple this weekend which reminded me that in 2 months I'm headed to BALI!! (Cause, tropical vibes) yessssssssss after 13 years I'm finally revisiting my favourite place on !!!! I'm also planning to make this a MUCH more regular occurrence. I'm heading there for a biz retreat with my soul sisters from other misters, and will stay a few weeks extra to explore, work, and surf! I'm thinking .... would any of YOU like to come on retreat with me to Bali next year?? Post a  in the comments if you want to experience the magic of Bali with me ✨✨
 Who here is feeling like they need to make a BIG change? (And it's a little - okay a lot- scary?) That was me at the end of December when this picture was taken. Even in beautiful Mexico, chilling on the beach, my mind was NOT chillin'. Being stuck on the brink of change (one foot in and one foot out) is one of the most painful places to be. Not to mention exhausting. _  So raise your hand in the comments if you've got some changes to make. (If you want to get BONUS points, share the decision you're struggling with right now) _ ✨I've got a special, actionable blog post coming soon to help you make a decision that FEELS good, feels RIGHT, and gets you out of waffle mode (cause darlings, waffles are for breakfast, not business!)
 Same goes for a new quarter, month, week, or day! Check out the latest blog post for my simple 3 step process to set the right goals and intentions (and move forward with purpose) in your business. _ This is a method I use at the beginning of every new month AND at the end of every year. It's SO quick and easy, but makes a big impact with how I spend my time (and how confident I feel in my decision-making). _ ✨Comment below✨ - do you have any monthly / yearly / daily rituals? Is this something you'd integrate?
 Do you know the #1 reason why someone will choose to buy from / work with YOU over others offering similar solutions? . Its not simply because your product/ service is "better than the competition." It's not because you followed the right strategy. It's because they connect with WHO YOU ARE and how you're showing up. The key word here is CONNECTION ✨ it's that instant when we feel like the other person GETS US at our very core. Like they really understand our greatest frustrations and genuinely care. . Your authenticity is magnetic. It creates the connection necessary to drive your tribe to TAKE ACTION! . The takeaway? BE WHO YOU ARE, in everything you do. Infuse your business with what makes you YOU. The power of your personality and your signature style is huge. Those are the things you love, the things that get you fired up/angry, the way you speak and the words you use, your visual aesthetic, and all the feelings and experience that make you who you are - that make you HUMAN. . Because people don't buy from businesses. People buy from PEOPLE. ❤Hearts out in the comments if you want to build a business that creates authentic CONNECTION!
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